Love Lost

I don't know where to start this, or if yoou will ever read this. I know I let you down, I dropped the ball, I know it's my fault, I should have been there for you. When you needed me the most I was no where to be found.
I been told the way I love is deep and intense, it's just the way I am. I'm not sure if it scared you. I only wanted to love you with out any bounderies, nothing to hold back. Maybe it seemed unreal to you that a man can love a woman like can.
There are words that were left unsaid, I know your following a path away from me, and I know you walk with another. He makes you happy in a way I coouldn't, I have this urge to yell and scream but I just push it down like I always do, it's easier. I want to call you a bitch, a dumbass for not walking with me but that will not help any.
Every time I have fallen down, I want to lay there and give up, but some thing inside of me says "Get up, don't just lay there and take it". I push myself off he ground, dust myself off and smile.
I know I have this great strength in me, it's there it won't let me stay down. Every day I become more and more confident in myself. I'm not mad at you or myself, things happen for a reason, we not see it clearly. I know you will be happy when I finally find the one for me, right now I don't think i'm ready for it but one day I will be.
Thank you for all the wonderful memories we shared, and I know we have many more to come. I will always be here for you, thought thick and thin. I won't leave your side, even when we are at each other's throats, I'll be there for you to turn to.

Things aboot me

<input ... ></input><input ... >1. The love of my life.
2. Where you and I met.
3. Take a stab at my middle name.
4. How long you've known me?
5. The last time that we saw each other.
6. Would I ever go sky diving?
7. Your first impression of me upon meeting me/seeing me.
8. Am I funny?
9. My favorite type of music.
10. Can I sing?
11. The best feature about me.
12. What do I want to do more than anything?
13. What is one thing that you think I should do?
14. Do I have any special talents? If so, what are they?
15. How would you label me? Preppy? Punk? Indie? Something else?
16. Have you ever hugged me?
17. My favorite food.
18. Have you ever had a crush on me?
19. If there was one good nickname for me, it would be.
20. Your favorite memory of me.
21. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring?
22. Do I believe in God?
23. Who is my best friend?
24. Will you re-post this so I can fill this out for you?<input ... ><input ... >

Another Round please

<input ... ></input><input ... >
Last week or so, every night i been having a drink or two just before bed. It's helped some, and yes only limited myself to that much, well there was that one night were i had more then 2.
 I look forward to my visit to P.A for a few days, maybe up to week, I'll see aboot when i get there. I'll be seeing friends and family there, just to keep in touch with them.

 Well with any luck, i'll have all the papers i need signed for me to get my passport, now i need a work visa i'm sure for states and i'm not sure if you need one for over seas, i'm sure i do, though will look into it later. Right now need new glasses, yes for those who don't know, lost me glasses while swimming in the river, well got 2/3rds of it back, just missing a lens but it happened nothing I can do aboot to change it.

 I've watched a lot of movie's lately, watched Drag me to Hell, Transformers 2, The Hangover, Up, Taken, The wrestler, Fast and Ferious, half way through zombie strippers, didn't care to much for Reop the Gentic Opera, never was a big fan of gothicy type shows.

 TV series wise just recently finished all of season 3 of Heroes, look forward to season 4, seen all of Survivor Season 18, have to catch up on Terimnator, Big Bang Theory, How I meet your mother (way back on that), last 2 eps of Star Wars the Clone Wars.

 For those not in the know, shelia i were seeing each other, but sadly that as ended, and yet again, no closure on that, long story short, she just stopped talking to me. Trying to get passed it, push it down and not worry about it, not sure who's fault it is, but more then likely we both made mistakes.
 Looking for a summer job right now, yay.
 Nothing much else to add right now but I have a most 1/4th of a 40 of 151 and 3/4ths of a 60 of Rye waiting for me. Slowly working on it. Trying to get people around to help finish it, but so far very little takers, oh well more for me i guess.
 Talk to you all later.

 final note, i been working on a werewolf game last little while, have a ful pack of all the auspices. calling the game The Longest Road Home<input ... ><input ... >


 As I listen to that song, reminds me of all the matches that Ghetto Boys got into, hours and hours of various matches. The Grappler  Leon "One Pound" Kennedy, the power house Eric "EzE" Sali, the Technical artist Chris "Christos" Irons, and The High Flyer Donald "The Masked Ratt" Boyd.
 All started years and years ago from the first match back on the P1, Smackdown Know your Roll.
 My characters Finisher is the Super-kick  I called the E-Ratticator
 Eric's was I forget what he called it.
 Chris had The unprettier  i belive
 Leon had the Pemican Maker (found at the end of vid)

 I hope to get Raw vs Smackdown 09 some time in the future..see aboot reviving the Ghetto Boys.

 That's all I had in my mind today..just listening to music Merry Christmas Every one...

Yet another dream..of...

Here i find myself a shape changer, from me *wave* to large stone golem like thingy. I dream that i'm part of an army or some kind of fighter force (good or bad i could tell). We are fighting what i believe to be guards protecting some thing or we just killing them for the fun of it.
I'm mowing them down easily seeing as i was given the heavy weapons job. We walk along a trail in what i think is part of a forest seeing as i could see part of a stone wall within viewing distance. As we move along the trail we attack or defend ourselves from the "enemy". Messed up bit was they were in in mid-eval chain armor, sword and shield or large spear for the wall guards.
As we move along we find ourselves in a long narrow pipe, like a the kind you see the hero walking down in the comics/cartoons. as we move along the pipes we suddenly change into a school..or university. Then...
She was there...looking a lot like we did when we first started dating, why she was there I have no idea..she just was. We kept passing each ohter..or soe it seemed, I have no idea if i was trying to avoid her or if she was avoiding me, but we kept showing up in the same place.
Next thing I know I am under water, moving big heave object, Large spear in hand and large treasure box in the other. Move thing said boxes over other things so that they would active stairs or move some thing to get at more treasure...
Then i am awake..
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Video Day, I love youtube

For Bar'Bara
 You asked me to find some thing that you might like
Tiffany: I think we are alone now, 
 seems like some thing you might have liked when you were a young trouble maker.

 For Casey
 Ran across it..well it fits
 In The Navy: by the Village People

 For Candace
 Reminds me of your awesome show hon
 Christina Aguilera: Candy Man
 For Crys
 I don't know why but this seems to fit you...well at least i think so
 Corey Hart: I wear my sunglasses at night

 For Christos:
 We know that The New Guy Rocks
 SR-71: Let it whip

 For My evil twin
 Just fits my rock
 50 Cent: Just a lil bit: dirty version

 For Leon
 a story for all little squaws and bucks know
 Brockett 99: Tale of the White Buffalo

 For Amber:
 When I saw that halloween pic of you..damn
 Flo-Rida ft T pain: Low

 For My Pack:
  I'm just that awesome
 D12 ft Eminem: My Band

 For Little Injun
 mmmmmmm pie
 Warrant: Cherry Pie

 For Cherrey Buster
 The Very Model of a General

 For Shayla
 I thought you might like this..
 Acafellas: Kiss from a Rose

I'm Amused...NSFW

This First one is for my Twin and LittleInjun, one my shoulder Devil the other The Angel Devil..
Meet Donnie a 31yo Cook, after coming home for a hard day's work walks in the door of his trailer park home to finds his wife in bed with another man.

 For LIttleInjun  You will love this, will remind you of my great one liners..
Normally that joke just Gills them..*rim-shot*

 I love bouncing twins...
 Bounce with me

 For my Evil Twin, our song..
 Fuck her Gently, By the D

 For Amber and Chris
 I made me think of you two...

 For Qui-Gon-Thug,
 Smooth Crimal CoH Video...there is a mastermind dancing with his robots..

 Just La-Doux it
 This reminds of Matt every time I see it, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

 This one Reminds of me my late father
 North to Alaska, he use to sing it around the house.

 For MonkeyDarren
 Happy Slapsgiving...

For Mankay
 Stealing Cinderella

 For Candace
 Frankie: Fly me to the moon, I totally should do a number to this song

 Song I sometimes sing at Karoke
 Frankie: New York, New York

 This one is for Briley
 George Thorogood and the Destroyers One Borboun, One Scotch, One Beer

 I want to Do a WoW video to this
 Big John, Jimmy Dean

 Me work hard 5 days a week, Cooking for peoples.
 Arrogent Worms, Me Like Hockey

Future...The long road...

Waiting from that call, where I have to explain to my mom I'm staying, hey my mom brought me into this world she can take me out and still have time to make bannock.
I was not happy at home truth be told, working a dead end job, dealing with all the drinking problems. Trying to get my family to slow down, LittleInjun said it best "They won't help themselves unless they want to". I did what I could, I showed them the door but they have to ultimately walk through it themselves, I love them with all my heart and soul but there is only so much I can do or say.

As you all know I love food and love to cook, being as such I'm calling my former boss, he said I could use him as a refrence and was going to send me a cover letter saying how awesome I am. This is one of my favorite bits from John Pinette Called "France & Italy"

How I missed my pack, burns thought the night, hour i mean hours of entertainment. No matter what you can always count on your pack, thought the good and bad.
This one is for my pack: Eric Prydz - Call On Me

I heard my pack-mates were working on a special project, to give them some insperation, I like this one..nicely done. CONCRETE HUSTLE lightsaber duel

I laughted my Ass off..i mean my back and legs. It's best if you just Listen to it...vid is not that great.
NHL Celebrity Jeopardy II

this song should be playing as I walk into any room..i mean I'm just that Awesome...
Orgazmo Theme Song-Now You're A Man

Found this little Gem...just cool. Beaker from the Muppets sings: Ode To Joy

One of my favorite bits from BeetleJuice...Beetlejuice - Day 0

In keeping with my awesome roots, I first heard this song when I was like 13 or so, I loved it ever since. Maybe this should be my theme song??
Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual (Live)

I love to laugh as much as the next guy. Eric and Christos introduce me to the greatness that is Don Burnstick (Native Comady)

Enough for now..Talk to you all soon enough dear Readers...

What's Up??

 I spent my weekend just enjoying friend and visiting and treating myself to a bunch of new things, just focusing on me mainly...well i tried to any who. Through this whole weekend a thought in my head kept saying
"So Dumbass why is we not be livin here??"
"Hey you brain quite, I do the thinking for the both of us"
"Well Don...SSSOOORRRRYYYY, I Mean really, great friends, lots of jobs for us here open, you can do real cooking and maybe just maybe some thing may come out of being friends with a certian blonde you been hanging out with" 
"Well that is true...she is cute"

 I been thinking more and more of moving back all that much sooner. I can probably get a job supa-easy working in a kitchen. Thinking of it my former boss is more then willing to make calls for me and write a letter of recommondation for me at several awsome kitchens. There are not a lot people who are working towards thier Red Seal in cooking, me I want my Gold Seal (10 years of my life). Once I get my Red Seal Certificate I can start calling my self a chef (no not they kind that worked on a navy ship),  Right now i'm just a cook, yet have earned the right to call my self a chef.

I love it here, but as always just more expensive to live here but I don't have to worry about gas, children, and other various things. All I have to do is worry about myself, as for food most kitchens (only lame ones make you pay) allow you to have one meal a day, Which usually enough for me and for those who are wondering I'm holding steady at 160lbs..yay.  
  I missed hanging out with my pack, just doing coffee, enjoying city life, I also missed gaming, got to play in the Firefly: Boomtown (go Alliance) I played my part of a Manservent rather well. I even got to play in Inri's game for a bit, "Go THUNDERBIRD for the win" or at matt would "Ok you see Sam the Eagle come from the sky only he is painted all black" I was waiting for "Tonight on Muppet news..." It was just great to sit in and just watch the game...and only in the city would you stunned by a half naked drunk man in the men's bathroom i mean...the horror.

 I been dabating on running a game for the afternoon of gaming in Feb for Slarpa's Gaming day. Maybe Rifts I mean I have access to a bunch of great books, I could run a every day game or specialize some place else, or I could play up the Good side of The CS. Not all the men are evil bastards.
  Well enough for 5:30 in da morning..

 Thanks for reading Dear Readers...All Hail the Bandit King..
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